1. Maggie Gyllenhaal portrait Illustration


  2. (Source: Spotify)

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  3. (Source: Spotify)

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  4. historicbirthday:

    Happy 50th Birthday to Keanu Reeves

     Canadian actor, director, and musician. Reeves is known for his roles in Bill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureSpeedPoint Break, and The Matrix trilogy as Neo.

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  5. weandthecolor:

    The Newtons Laboratory – Redesign of the Brand Identity

    Dimitra Karagianni teamed up with illustrator Stavros Damos to create a new brand identity for The Newtons Laboratory.

    Check out more images and information here.

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    Love this. The illustrations are lovely.

  6. Happy 50th Birthday to Keanu Reeves have a truley Excellent birthday dude.

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  7. Some sort of weird Phantom of the Opera lighting happening…

  8. So after a weeks break #historicbirthday is back.


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  9. kateshields:

    These two screen prints of drawings of mine are now available in my online shop: http://kateshields.bigcartel.com/

    'Arran- alt couture' & 'Buckitt & Tart'

    Both are lovingly hand screen printed by Fox  on high quality A2 paper in black ink.

    Adorn your walls with my drawings of wonderful performers!

    Love the lines in these. Once the summer kayak season is finsihwd think I will go back to life drawing classes.

  10. Been a really full on but fun week off. Also been great to get some down time to #draw. These are a few of the #illustrations #drawings and #sketches I have done. Back to work tomorrow.

    Which is your favourite?

  12. #Saturday morning #drawing with a fresh coffee. My happy place.

  13. Stormy clouds over #Greenwich

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  14. Another piece at the War and Memorial exhibition at Queens House Gallery in Greenwich

  15. A moving #art #exhibition at the Queens House Gallery in Greenwich. War and Memorial.

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